100,000+ where is the reflection of writing in the currency circle for three years

Chapter 0 Introduction

I have been writing HF for 3 years and mixed up with a failed writer. There are always some moments that make me want to be angry and write 100,000 plus.


Chapter 1 Market Cruel

I started secretly writing articles in 2009, and it was too shameful to write. I am embarrassed to send it to the free market. At that time, I didn’t write much. I wrote a diary every day and wrote it. By 2014, I began to write openly on a regular basis, when I wrote an average of a week, with a focus on writing in the currency. At the beginning of 2016, high-frequency output writing began, requiring more days. Writing is true every day, but I write too much garbage, and many dare not send it out.

To this day, I maintain my public account and open my high-frequency writing for more than three years. A total of 27,500 users have accumulated, with an average reading volume of less than 2,000. An article with a reading volume of more than 50,000 has been born, and there is no one 100,000+.


The income I wrote was quite low, almost losing money. Now, on average, the public number platform has sent me more than 400 advertising fees. Readers appreciate that there are more than 500 pieces in an average month. Paying for advertising revenue, I am more picky, many advertising opportunities are not, advertising costs are basically to see the fate. . . I read the article in the currency. The currency will give me some KAN. I have recently risen and converted into RMB with a large amount of income. However, this volatility is too large, and sometimes it is only a few thousand.

Fortunately, my office costs are low, the landlord does not charge rent, otherwise it can only be written at home.

Without comparison, there is no harm. It really makes me think that I am a junk.

Last week, my friend circle appeared in a million-volume article by luke. The first time I saw him was about half a year, when I exchanged writing with each other. He really started to write the public number, which is three months, now 100,000 articles, and appreciate thousands of articles.

In the first half of 2016 and the first half of 2017, there are actually few written in the currency circle. There are also few media companies. But in the big bull market in 2017, a large number of content authors emerged. At the end of 2018, I was taken to a restaurant for dinner. The company arranged a table of media. Everyone introduced each other and I found that my work is the least marketable. Nothing is modest. From all dimensions, my data is the worst. I am scared, I dare not say that I am the media, I am a fan, write a little self-learning experience.

Two years later, I stopped writing and went to read the public number written by someone else. I want to understand why others are so successful. In the content industry, there are two types of works that are widely acclaimed.

One is the female emotional class. This kind of article is not only a huge amount of reading, but also the reader is extremely grateful to the author. When you read the message and reward, you will know that you have the feeling of finding a friend. How can I be so jealous of me after my article?

The other category is political and patriotic. That reading is really terrible, and this type of author is often anonymous, and the reader is quite emotional to the author. I numb my scalp and seriously studied ten articles on political topics. I thought, or I would write this class.

In the currency circle, the article with the most reading is the price forecasting article. The consumers in the content market of the currency circle are mainly investors, and investors are eager for the natural desire of price forecasting.

I read the public number for two weeks, and I read the mainstream number of the currency. I think that I have been writing for so long, compared to the peers, doing a good failure, especially lost. I think they are not very good at writing. How can it be more successful than me? I also want to be angry and write 100,000. So I have to figure out what to do, first sum up from the source, I want to understand, what is the content industry doing? I have concluded that the content industry seems to be doing three things.

Chapter 2 Knowledge Increase

Acquiring knowledge may be the biggest underlying motivation for reading and reading articles. A large number of authors in all walks of life are committed to creating, filling, refining and supplementing the knowledge of the industry, providing knowledge increments for the industry. The currency circle is no exception.

Encrypting digital currency and blockchain is a relatively new industry, and the knowledge system has not yet been built. The technology, including the encryption of digital currencies, is not sufficiently sophisticated. The knowledge quality of the industry's participants is also insufficient. The knowledge of the currency circle is currently too high for most people.

There are many content creators in the currency circle who are committed to the incremental work of knowledge. This type of creator often introduces the knowledge of other industries into the currency circle, transforms and transforms it into the knowledge of the currency circle. In particular, knowledge in computer science, economics, and political science will be introduced into the currency and blockchain industries. A large amount of knowledge outside the industry has become a currency knowledge through various hybrids.

The original creators of content creators who provide industry knowledge increments are very strong. They are committed to exploring coins, researching coins, and then making some insights into the world of encrypted digital currency, starting with "first principles." Present your insights to the reader through text.

We often call this category of creative works that provide knowledge increments called technical articles.

For readers, if you want to join this industry, you should have a demand for knowledge increment. But in fact, learning is a very anti-human thing. Learning is the same in any industry, and learning is very painful, at least for most people.

Providing the creation of knowledge increments, the real market demand is extremely small, and the commercial value that can be achieved is quite small.

Markets that provide incremental knowledge in the currency circle are often provided by individuals. Behind every knowledge article is an individual, and corporate behavior or studio behavior tends to be less convincing.

I write myself, and many articles are dedicated to providing this kind of knowledge increment. My starting point is to master the knowledge of this industry, arm yourself to survive in this industry, and share it with others to help others. In essence, in order to improve their knowledge of the field of encrypted digital currency and blockchain. Writing is a very effective process of thinking. Systematic writing is systematic learning.

Chapter 3 Information Negative Entropy

The Internet has amplified the amount of information by countless times, and the amount of information we need to know every day is too much. This is especially true for the currency circle, because it is too close to the money, we not only need to know the technical principles, but also to understand the factors affecting the price. So in the currency circle, the founder of any coin, with a single word, has great attention. We will want to know what any small V is saying.

The information of any project will have many dimensions, technology development, operation promotion, ecological construction, price market making… every dimension has infinite information. This makes us buy a coin and we don't want to pay attention to it.

But how difficult it is to get effective information, the information is too chaotic, it is too difficult, our time is limited, and our attention is more limited.

The media is to organize the world's numerous information into easy-to-read articles and present them to users' mobile phones. The complexity, confusion, difficulty, etc. of information is reduced. This is the media, or we can call it the media to feed on the negative entropy of information.

Media people have their own professionalism and methodology. They have interviewing skills, have the skills to sort out information, and have access to users. Their writing is framed, and the work is similar to the assembly line, done by the power of the organization. From collecting information, processing information, providing negative entropy of information, to pushing information to user terminals, the media is a complete industrial system architecture.

This type of business that provides information negative entropy requires creators to provide systemic solutions, or to be large and comprehensive. You'd better provide all the useful information so that users can get all the things they want from one stop. The user can immediately turn over once he finds that there is a more comprehensive platform for providing information negative entropy elsewhere. In order to get more information, some users will download the security and subscribe to the media app and public number of almost the entire industry. The mobile phone reminds you to read the newsletter that article is exhausting people all day long.

There are so many media, originally they provide negative entropy of information, but the number is more, but the media works themselves have become information entropy.

For readers, the desire to get information is very strong. Everyone is eager for insider information, wants to know the expert's interpretation, and also wants to talk about the tea after dinner. At least, I have to know the black circle of the coin, the industry cuts it, or it seems that I am an outsider.

In the field of information negative entropy, the readers are enormous, and the commercial value here is enormous. Therefore, there is an organized corporate behavior, and only the company's behavior can have the strength and capital to occupy this market. Their cost is therefore very high.

In the currency circle, the largest company is in the position of the media. This is true in any industry, and the media is a big niche.

The media provides negative entropy of information, which is completely different from providing knowledge increments. The former and the latter tend to despise each other. The latter will be relatively high, feel that they are original, and that the media is plagiarism. The media has 100% strength, contempt that the latter can not serve the users, and can not create market value.

To a large extent, price forecasting is to provide information negative entropy, summarizing many factors affecting price and present it to readers. Whether it is effective or not, readers definitely like this type of article, no matter how many times they are cheated, there will always be demand.

Chapter 4 Sharing Experience

Now the world is too complicated, there are too many things, too many fun things, too many delicious things, and give us ten lifetimes. We can't finish our life. Of course, more is that we don't have the money to complete the experience.

In the content creation ecosystem, there is a niche to help others experience these novelties, and then share the experience with readers through articles and videos. There are also a large number of such works in the currency circle.

The products in the currency circle are also numerous and expensive, and the cost of experience is high. There are a lot of software learning costs in the currency circle. It needs to be taught by others. Some people will write tutorials, record videos and teach people.

The promotion of encrypted digital currency is also a big market niche. Everyone likes to see what coins they buy are used by merchants. Someone will professionally write such an article to tell readers that your currency has been taken.

In addition to sharing a pleasant experience, everyone has a lot of emotions to vent, and emotions and adrenal hormones can always attract a lot of attention. This leaves a niche for the creators of the deaf, the project. The coins in the currency circle express a variety of emotions, and the forms are quite rich. There are articles, pictures, videos, and expression packs.

The user needs for sharing experiences are very, very large. And this kind of work is self-contained. It is often able to arouse great enthusiasm for readers, and readers are happy to share this work. And readers are often willing to show great resonance with the author, can not wait to embrace each other, and finally found a friend.

The emotional column I saw and the public number of political subjects are essentially sharing experiences.

The business value of sharing experiences is also great, because users like it. You see so many inexplicable live broadcasts now that you know how much money you have in consumption.

From the creator's point of view, it is necessary to support the work of sharing the experience. Therefore, this type of work is often supported by organizational power to maintain high frequency output.

Chapter 5 Why I failed

I finally know that the root cause of my failure in writing is.

I am eager to be an incremental creator of knowledge, and I am actually more focused on this niche. But this type of creator has a very low rate of fame. There is so much knowledge in the world that needs to be created.

The consumption demand for knowledge-incremental content is very small, and it does not have the basic soil for obtaining widespread attention.

Incremental knowledge is a burden on readers. It is really anti-human to learn from others. This is not bound to be widely recognized.

Knowledge-incremental content does not have promotional attributes, who loves to send blunt technology to a circle of friends.

It seems that the solution is in sight. . . . . . But am I willing to do it? Or do I have the motivation to do it? ? ? ? ? ?

Chapter 6 Conclusion

I hope you find your niche and work happily.

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