Why do most people still don't recognize Bitcoin?

Today's topic is still started by our old friend Tesla.

Let me talk about the background first, because when I talked about Tesla last time, I only compared the high-end models like Mercedes-Benz BMW. Maybe someone would have the misunderstanding that Tesla is selling well in the high-end market. Now even if it is a "going" model like Toyota, Tesla also sells better.

When Tesla is already a "successful" automaker, is there more doubt or doubt about Tesla in the market? Still questioning more. Especially for Musk, who is "debauchery", everyone is very strict.

During the years of Tesla’s growth, there were many people who steadfastly questioned Tesla and questioned it from the beginning.

In the beginning, they said that the model x was just a concept model and could not be mass-produced.

After mass production, they said that the quality of model x was too bad.

After the quality assurance, they said that Tesla had no production capacity and could not produce enough quantity to sell.

After the production breakthrough, they said that model 3 (new models) could not be mass-produced in 2017.

After mass production, they said that model 3 capacity cannot be guaranteed.

After the model3 capacity was guaranteed, they said the company could not make a profit.

And when Tesla began to make a profit, they had a lot of new doubts.

This is the way Tesla has traveled over the years. The doubters will always question. They can't recognize the changes in the trend. They stubbornly think that they are right, even though their insistence is meaningless.

These are also happening in Bitcoin.

At first, they said Bitcoin was worthless and no one would use something that was hard to understand.

Later, some people used it. They said that bitcoin only belongs to a few people, and one cent is worthless.

Later, one bitcoin exceeded $1, and they said that bitcoin was open source and it was easy to copy a new one to replace it.

Later, a lot of bitcoin in the cottage, bitcoin or bitcoin. They also said that bitcoin transactions are too slow and no one is using them.

Later, Bitcoin often caused congestion due to too many people. They also said that bitcoin is just an application of blockchain.

Later, they were swindled by the scam of the blockchain revolution to buy air coins and not to buy bitcoin.

Later, they shouted that bitcoin is a bubble and the voice is getting louder and louder.

People are always stubborn, and there are very few who are willing to accept new ideas. If you add interests and previous misjudgments, the concept that people are willing to stick to is extremely high.

Today, if you are a non-coin person who wants to learn about Bitcoin, you should go to some traditional content platforms to search for Bitcoin keywords, then you will probably see something like this:

And like this:

(The above are some answers from the big V)

If you use a certain search, I just searched for it, it is like this:

I don't take a lot of screenshots. I believe everyone has a lot of thoughts. When the mainstream media mentioned bitcoin, it was usually positive news or negative news.

So, it’s not surprising that some people don’t understand Bitcoin, because they don’t see anything related to “Bitcoin is a good thing”, and they don’t want to know more. It’s not surprising that there is such a result. They, perhaps waiting for them to see the full screen is "bitcoin is a good thing", naturally will enter the market to buy 100,000 bitcoin.

When I was very young, I couldn't understand why some people like to eat bitter gourd, some people don't like to eat sugar, some people don't like to drink cola, because this is outside my understanding.

"Why would anyone like to eat bitter gourd? There are peppers, what are their mouths doing?" When I was a child, I often asked my mother, my mother told me that "there are many reasons, some are for fire, some for returning to Gan. Some people just like to eat, there are many reasons. In the future, you will encounter things that you don't understand, but when there are many people who like them, you should think more about why, instead of negating them, know? ?"

If you don’t understand what you are not understanding, but what others are doing or what you like, you should have more mentality than why, "They are all fools."

I first came into contact with Bitcoin in 2014 (it's really late, so the environment is very important to people). At that time, I also heard someone mention Bitcoin when chatting in a group. It has risen in a few years. Thousands of times. I was very curious to search. But as I said before, most of the content I found and the "big V" I trust don't seem to be optimistic about this thing. I think this is just a short-lived scam. At most, it is the re-emergence of the tulip bubble. Bitcoin has no value at all.

So I was still in college and I missed this opportunity very easily.

And when I came into contact with Bitcoin again, there seemed to be a voice saying to me, "You will never miss the opportunity to change your life forever," and my mother told me. "If you don't understand things that many people are doing, there are many people who approve, then you should doubt yourself, not others."

Later, when I studied hard and learned a lot of relevant knowledge, after reading a lot of materials in the circle, I understood Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, which are the things I pursued.

It is a very happy thing for people to have ideals and live for ideals.

"Life is more than just the eyes, and there are poems and distances."