Tao Qingxian: Making good use of blockchain technology to innovate Hunan culture communication

On June 6, Tao Qingxian, a special researcher at the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of the Chinese Socialist Theory System of Hunan Province, pointed out in the article "Using Blockchain Technology, Innovating Hunan Culture Communication" that blockchain technology is a kind of According to the chronological order, the information management of all members of the cultural communication activities, the whole process, and all-round information, and the data storage in different centers, which resolves the risks of intellectual property rights and channel control that may exist in the traditional cultural communication, The influence of Huxiang culture and the promotion of Hunan culture exchange are of great significance. At present, the blockchain has begun and will deeply influence cultural communication. This influence is reflected in the main body, connotation and security of cultural communication.