ChainNode chain node officially launched the "security intelligence" node to help blockchain ecological security

On the afternoon of June 6, the ChainNode chain node announced the official launch of the "Security Intelligence" node. This is another landmark progress that ChainNode has made since its announcement in March 2019. ChainNode CEO Qu Zhaoxiang said, "The 'Security Intelligence' node focuses on information sharing in the blockchain security field. Whether it is vulnerability warning, threat intelligence, attack events or data leakage, security teams can release blockchain security dynamics in real time. It is convenient for community users to understand the latest security information and ensure that their digital asset rights are not infringed.” Blockchain data service provider QKL123 has taken the lead in accessing security intelligence data to jointly build a blockchain security ecosystem. It is understood that there are already well-known blockchain security teams in China, such as Chuangyu, Peckshield, Slow Mist Safety, Dimensional Security, Chengdu Chain Security, and Beijing Chain Security. To apply for the Security Information node, please click: