BM: Scalability is critical for decentralized blockchains

On June 6th, BM continued to talk about his extensibility, decentralization and KYC on the blockchain: 1. The goal of the blockchain is to give everyone a voice that cannot be blamed or forged. And objectively sort it. But unfortunately, due to the limited size, we must limit the number of speakers. If we have unlimited processing speed and bandwidth, we can speak freely; 2. Any blockchain that has no near-infinite bandwidth is centralized, so that some people are excluded for economic reasons. The worse the scalability, the more central it becomes; 3. A blockchain that can only be used by 2 people is more central than a blockchain that can be used by 100 people. Scalability is critical to decentralization; 4. Whether you like it or not, almost all encrypted users who want to realize their benefits must experience KYC one or more times. The only simple way to avoid KYC in the world of encryption is to firmly hold (HODL).