Analyst: Biometrics market participants need to have a blockchain strategy

According to PR Newswire, business consulting firm Frost Sullivan found that blockchain-based biometrics can find huge growth opportunities in a variety of applications. Industry analyst Ram Ravi said, "Artificial intelligence-driven behavioral biometrics will be the primary identity/validation element in two-factor or multi-factor authentication. In the short term, companies will increasingly use artificial intelligence to help make decisions. And conduct a larger behavioral pattern analysis of abnormal situations. In the long run, blockchain will be used together with biometrics for identity management across applications, as financial institutions use voice processing to provide services and help, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) will become mainstream.” He pointed out that “in the next few years, blockchain will become a strong growth driver for government, commerce, and especially financial applications. Smart Connected Devices are changing customers' perceptions of other commercial channels, Identifying market participants requires a blockchain strategy to expand their portfolio."