Gongxinbao GXChain launched a secondary market repurchase plan of more than 5 million US dollars yesterday, GXC rose by as much as 50%

Yesterday, the GXChain core team officially announced the launch of the secondary market repurchase program of more than 5 million US dollars. The announcement of GXC quickly occupied the first place in the exchanges of the currency security, fire coins, Bithumb and other exchanges, an increase of up to 50%. At the same time, yesterday completed the first $250,000 secondary market GXC repo. It is understood that the repurchase only accounts for 5% of the total repurchase amount. After the first repurchase is completed, the public address has been supervised by the community. The repurchase will last for two months. At present, GXC has an average global price of 1.54 US dollars, with a 24-hour increase of 28.23%.