Bitcoin lightning torch is about to "extinguished", only about 10 times of transmissions remain

The Bitcoin Lightning Torch seems to be "extinguished" soon. So far, the Lightning Torch has covered 54 countries around the world. The amount of lightning torch trading can't exceed $170 (4.29 million Satoshi). In addition, the number of bitcoins sent in the lightning network channel is limited. Therefore, from the current situation, users can only transmit more than ten torches. Once the lightning torch payment reaches the upper limit (possibly for security reasons), one can no longer pass the torch by adding about $30. Lightning Torch founder "Hodlonaut" said that he actually launched the lightning torch event on the whim. Once the event is over, he does not intend to launch a second lightning torch. In addition, Hodlonaut revealed on Twitter that the entire lightning torch could be delivered with only 10 passes left, and he most hoped that the first core developer of Bitcoin, “marttimalmi”, could become the last person to relay the lightning torch.