Babbitt column | Cheap commemoration makes the deceased angry, using blockchain to create a decent commemoration

When I was a child, my grandfather brought us a few grandchildren to sweep the grave every year, twice a year, one year is the Ching Ming Festival, and the other is July and a half. Because it is a big family, the tombs of grandfathers, there are many families who will go to the grave. A few days after sweeping the tomb, passing by, you can see that there are many piles of paper ash. From these paper ash, I only know which pile is burned by my grandfather and I, I don’t know which pile is burned by Erye, Dabo and Erbo.


Later, I went to college in the field, and I never swept the tomb again. Grandpa’s grandchildren no longer follow his old man to sweep the grave.

Slowly everyone moved to the county town. Sitting in a 20-kilometer car, it is very difficult to go back to the old house to sweep the grave.

In 2014, I left home. In the year of Ching Ming Festival, I went to the grave with my grandfather. I have completely forgotten to spend money on paper, kill chicken, sprinkle blood, burn paper, make cockroaches, and put firecrackers… The whole process is to listen to Grandpa. The next day, I passed the tombs of my grandfather, and there were only two piles of paper. Less than a child.

Why am I going to sweep the graves and sacrifice? In fact, I am completely because I listen to my grandfather's words and follow family habits and social customs. I have no grandfather at all in my memory. Perhaps mourning my grandfather is more of my grandfather's sincere nostalgia, and our grandchildren are more of a kind of "fruit" brought by grandfather, grandfather arranged for our grandchildren to communicate with their grandfather through the way of sweeping the grave. Grandfathers are dead, but they still live in the heart of my grandfather.

Whether we live through the grave sweeping, or through writing articles, publishing love packages, sending friends and other means to express certain emotions to the deceased, they are all a kind of "relationship", a relationship of "talking" and "being talked about". This relationship may be "live in our hearts."

Mourning is a kind of external expression that the dead still live in our hearts.

In my first year in Beijing, I went to Tiananmen Square, went to the Chinese Revolution Museum and the Chinese History Museum, went to the Forbidden City, stood on the Monument to the People's Heroes, and visited the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Defining these actions as a visit or a mourning is often tied to a political idea by others. In fact, I am not carrying out this series of activities with a specific political concept. What I need is to understand history.

History is often learned by writing texts, film and television, and chatting with others. These conveniences are not bad, but often have no sense of history. The so-called sense of history is that if I live in history, I am the witness of history, what will I do, what will I feel.

I have seen too many emperors on TV and thought that it was a luxury to be an emperor. Until I went to the Forbidden City, I discovered that the Qing Emperor lived in the house is not as good as the three-bedroom apartment I rented.

Why do we go through the Dragon Boat Festival, eat dumplings, and draw dragon boats. Qu Yuan, what is the relationship with us?

When celebrities are alive, we will talk about them. When they die, we will also praise the friends circle. It is very important to find a sense of history. It is not the celebrity itself that remembers. Do we really care about the death and birth of celebrities? Remember that if he is still alive, or when he is alive, what can we do ourselves.

Commemoration is an activity to find a sense of history

In our family, three generations of the true family, and the second generation of the genus, basically belong to the family outsiders. It is only through the activities of the New Year's Day festivals and festivals that we have a blood relationship between us.

The same is true of a country. By establishing the image of a great man of national heroes, the people of the whole country have an imaginary community. This is a typical way of uniting the power of the state. The world is the same. Whether a national banknote is the head of a national hero.

Now the friends circle microblogging festival, everyone sends a small video, lighting, singing text. It is a kind of socialization, a way for fans to express their sense of identity, and a ritual in which fans know each other's commonalities.

Festival is an activity that unites ethnic forces

Now the circle of friends sweeping the tomb, Weibo mourns the deceased and remembers the festival, basically evolved into a hot spot, brushing the sense of existence, consuming celebrities, and even cheating traffic, cheating money. Celebrities are dead, marketing numbers pretend to mourn, defrauding traffic, selling insurance, tea and other ghosts.

The occupational operation number, by writing a memorabilia article, taking a small video, and getting countless forwarding. Their title is written well. The vast majority of people who participated in the circle of friends did not pay the minimum action. They did not write the text, or even read other people’s commemorative articles. They just forwarded them and expressed the cheapest sympathy for the potential A cheap sense of identity.

The circle of commemoration of the circle of friends is completely absent, and the cost of mourning is zero. It is impossible to express that the dead person "is still alive in our hearts" and cannot express "find a sense of history."

We should use a method of sweeping or remembering that can prohibit the forwarding of other people's articles, pictures, expression packs, etc.

To say that the circle of friends sweeping the tomb is zero cost, including time, energy and money, are close to zero. Zero cost directly leads to a negative sense of ritual. My grandfather took his grandchildren to the graves to sweep the graves. The cost was too high, the ritual feeling was too strong, and even the other custom lovers thought it was close to superstition. We need a way to pay for it and get a sense of ritual.

There is also a huge flaw in sweeping the tomb in the circle of friends, that is, the test of time can not be fully overcome. Today, I have forwarded a circle of friends for the dead, and you can’t remember it tomorrow. The mourning was not meant to be remembered in the heart. This kind of test that can't stand the time, including you will forget, and others will forget you.

In this context, the circle of friends in the current circle has not formed effective cohesion. It can only form a short-lived social force, and degeneration has become a way for people to feel the sense of existence. We need a way to restore the power we have.

The current circle of friends is cheap and pale, and has no power at all.

We can simulate the remembering activity through the intangible modification of the blockchain, the permanent non-deletability, and the self-time stamping. Take the sweeping tomb as an example.

The design philosophy is this.

Building a cemetery: Anyone can build a blockchain cemetery for a dead person, for example, I can build one for my grandmother. A cemetery can be created by sending a transaction with a specific protocol format. The cemetery can be accompanied by portraits, epitaphs, and biographical profiles.

Sweeping the grave: Anyone can express a grave sweep by sending a transaction with a specific protocol format to the address of the cemetery. The sweeping grave can bring text, pictures, voice, short videos, etc.

All transactions are only paid for the miners' fees, and they are paid according to the size of the transaction. As long as you are willing to pay the miners' fees, it is ok to send you a video of the crying of the girl.

The sweeping activity can be set to be visible to others or invisible. It can be set to other conditions, such as the focal view. Can be anonymous, or real name, you choose.

The sweeping grave must contain relationships, such as grandfather-grandson, fan-powder, and so on.

All grave-sweeping activities associated with the same cemetery will be arranged into a stream of information by timeline. Invisible does not appear in the information stream.

The grave sweep information can be hidden by 51% of the votes. For example, if the grave-sweeping information is an advertisement, then others can vote for it, so that the product no longer parses the information. As long as the number of votes reaches 51% of the total grave-sweeping information, it is hidden. The vote itself is also a transaction and requires a miner fee.

All sweeping information cannot be forwarded, copy and paste is not supported, and copying is allowed. This creates a sense of ritual for the basic cost.

If the same dead person has more than one person to establish a cemetery for him, the founder can send a specific transaction to each other and associate the cemetery equivalently. It must be confirmed by both parties, and the unilateral is not acceptable. And it is possible to unilaterally unfreeze the association.

The cemetery can be set to remind by time, such as by year, by month, by day… Those who have just died need to remember by day.

Any kind of holiday celebration can be simulated on the blockchain.

I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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