Media: Matrix officially said that the headquarters is indeed outside the country, the president is Ge Yuezhen

In response to the report that "Matrix project will be officially launched before the end of July", the media will verify with Matrix about its headquarters, personnel and business. Matrix officially responded: the headquarters is indeed outside the country; the president is Ge Yuezhen, the former Bit China Investment Director Wu Mengxia also Joined Matrix; specific businesses include digital currency custody, asset management, mortgage lending and OTC trading services, similar to digital currency banks. Bitcoin's prospectus shows that Ge Yuezhen, 27 years old, joined Bitcoin in December 2014. He is a member of the founding team of Bitland and one of the shareholders of Bitcoin, holding 4.6%; in Bitland He served as Senior Investment Director and Executive Director and was responsible for investment activities. Prior to joining BitWorld, he was an analyst at an investment management company in Shanghai.