It’s worse than the explosion! 6/6 market analysis

The USDT liquidity has soared again, the USDT has been hit by hormones, and the short position has fallen to a historical low, which is a factor worse than the burst.

In the picture below, the red line is the BTC trend and the blue line is the USDT flux. Many friends know that the USDT is equivalent to the Fed in the currency circle. Every move will have a crucial impact on the market. From this year's market, every time the USDT is over-issued and the liquidity rises, the market will rise sharply. BTC from 4,200 to 9,000 US dollars, experienced two rounds of short-term inflation, it is worth noting that before each surge, there will be a large amount of USDT transfer, accompanied by hacker money, the platform shut down the coin, the short-term surge of 20%.

The USDT liquidity surged because the USDT was over-issued. The hacker steals the currency, and the platform limits the currency. It limits the futures operation and locks the liquidity of the market. If the price rises in place, it will lead to a short-term burst. The two axes that appear long will make the price rise. In the past two days, the mainstream currency has been continuously adjusted, and the market has once again ushered in key points. The short-term fluctuations have increased, and the futures positions have soared. In the past two days, the USDT circulation suddenly soared and the hormones have been hit, and the hackers came.

If we say that the first two BTCs have doubled, it is because of the explosion, so how many short positions are the key to the problem. The more short positions, the higher the price will rise after the rebound. This picture is the trend of the short position and the BTC. The blue line represents the short position of the BTC. Each time it reaches the historical low, the price will be phased. There are fewer short positions, and the driving force for the explosion is getting smaller. The next step is to adjust the market.

Akong believes that the current distance is rising, and the liquidity factor is different. Once the platform is stolen or disconnected as in the previous two times, it will form a burst. Akong feels that whether it is a burst of air, or a gradual correction, the mainstream currency has skyrocketed, just leaving the opportunity for the bottom of the coin, and at the current stage, the bargains are laid out, and the performance of mainstream coins is seen.


BTC's computing power has broken through a new high, and it has played a positive role in the price of the currency. The BTC calculation power and the currency price tend to rise and fall together. The rise and fall of the computing power indicates the heat of the miners. The current calculation power breaks through the new high and declares the flood season. Coming, entering the stage of mining machine hegemony, also means that the miners have made huge profits. The price of Huaqiangbei mining machine has doubled in the first two days. The mining machine has risen faster than the price of the coin, and the market will gradually pick up. It is. From the price point of view, the bottom of the BTC is raised and the shock rebounds. Only if the volume falls below $7,477, can it be transferred to the short market. The price of the currency will continue to fluctuate, and the operation will be dominated by currency. The BTC will then be oscillated at $7,877.

Resistance level: 7877, 8022, 8150

Support level: 7700, 7610, 7515


The price of the two days is very weak relative to other mainstream currencies, and the volume can continue to weaken, which will enter a turbulent trend. Only when the volume drops below the key point of $6.05 will it turn into a short market. The bottom of the EOS is raised, and the operation fluctuates according to the daily line. Next EOS was flat at $6.43.

Resistance level: 6.43, 6.63, 6.84

Support level: 6.18, 6.05, 5.86


The price of the currency is oscillated, and the amount can continue to weaken and enter a turbulent trend. The bottom $232.2 is the key point of the bullish trend. Only the volume will fall below $232.2, and the short-term will quickly weaken. The operation is based on holding money, waiting for the opportunity to rebound. Next ETH was reorganized at $247.3.

Resistance level: 247.3, 251.2, 255.6

Support level: 240.2, 236.5, 232.2


Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank announced that it will introduce the XRP system, which will play a positive role in the price of the currency. XRP has started to contact the major banks around the world since the 14-year bear market. The original bank does not recognize the blockchain. Later, the cottage XRP still Made his own currency, Akong feels that this is a very big test for XRP. Just like platform coins replace ETH, XRP is still facing a survival crisis. Looking at the price of the currency, the quantity can continue to weaken, the price fluctuations narrow, and the price of the currency is difficult to directly fall below the key point of the daily double-digit 0.368 US dollar, which will continue the shock market. The operation is mainly on the sidelines, waiting for the market to change. The XRP then oscillated at $0.406.

Resistance level: 0.406, 0.416, 0.427

Support level: 0.393, 0.388, 0.368


The price of the currency entered the consolidation market. The bottom of the $97.3 is the current bulls' key point. It is also the 5.41-day bullish neckline position. Only the volume dropped below $97.3 before it can be transferred to the short market. LTC is halving, price fluctuations are weakening, and only LTC can be activated first to drive the mainstream currency market. The operation can be oscillated according to the daily line, and the high throw is low. Next, LTC oscillated at $105.5.

Resistance level: 105.5, 108.5, 112.3

Support level: 101.2, 100.5, 97.3


More than 200 companies in Venezuela accept BCH as a payment method, which has a positive effect on the currency price. The BCH team has been working hard to make offline, trying to get through the BCH micropayment channel, but there is a community consensus issue. There is no shortage of channels to buy and sell payments, but it is two different things to believe in your currency. For example, after Sun Yuchen auctioned lunch, a bunch of people slammed BTC and digital currency, saying that this thing is not used at all. This is the community consensus. You can't believe the banknotes, so you will buy gold 屯 pillows. The price of the currency fluctuated widely, and the operation was dominated by wait and see. Next, the BCH was oscillated at $394.3.

Resistance level: 394.3, 403.5, 410.5

Support level: 382.4, 370.3, 356.2


Under the expectation of BNB issuing stable currency, several major platforms such as ONE, FET and MATIC led the market. The platform's new currency strengthened, and the platform coin bottomed out, representing the beginning of the recovery of the small-coin market, which will soon drive the small-currency market to rebound. When mainstream currencies enter the market, there will often be an independent market for small coins. Yesterday, Akong talked about the USDT additional issue. When the liquidity rises, there will be a bullish trend in the mainstream currency. You can do short-term operation of the mainstream currency and prepare to ambush the spot of the small currency. In the past few days, the domestically produced small coins have rebounded, and the domestically produced small coins represented by GXC have started to rise against the trend. Later, there will be more small currency quotes, which can dynamically monitor the trend of the project side in real time.