Data shows: Blockstream engineers can earn up to $850,000 a year

According to data provided by, Blockstream employees have a salary option, 20% of which is paid at BTC, and the permanent limit is the BTC price at the time of the company's establishment in 2014. The site has been registered for the past 48 hours and has made some rough calculations and bold statements. Blockstream, which is responsible for bitcoin core technologies such as Segwit and Liquid, has raised $101 million from companies such as AXA and Mosaic Ventures in three rounds of financing. Cashbleed ventures: Suppose an engineer is hired at an annual salary of $150,000. Their extra 20% of their salary is paid in bitcoin as a bonus, and 20% of the salary will be $30,000. Then Blockstream paid the money at BTC for $350/bitcoin: 85 BTC for employees, worth about $700,000. In fact, the employee earns $850,000 a year. The salary of senior management may be higher than the moderate level of the engineer.