Encrypted Money Investment Revelation: Why is the Black Sheep a billionaire?

Foreword: This is a very thick chicken soup, but that's why some people are better than others. Whether it's a cryptocurrency investment or an entrepreneurial venture, it's only different to be able to stand out. The author of this article is Chris Herd, translated by the "HQ" of the "Blue Fox Notes" community.

Every successful person I have met has a feature.

Can be immune to peer pressure

The general consensus or group thinking that can avoid mistakes, such wrong consensus and thinking often lead to wrong conclusions, or most people just follow the big stream.

The key to success in life is to have a firm belief : believe that you will succeed

Some people think that this is just a grand reverie, but when you achieve the goals you set, this is no longer an illusion. Mark Zuckerberg once asserted that a more connected world could be achieved on the web; Brian Chesky believes that Airbnb will surpass traditional hotels; and Elon Musks I hope to replace fossil fuel vehicles with electric cars. Now, these ideas are not so unrealistic.

Successful people have one thing in common: ordinary people have no or can't understand this belief.

Their views on the world are almost impractical

They can accept that people all over the world question their wrong voice, but they will ignore this and move on and pursue their dreams. They are not affected by social pressure.

There is a famous study

People are divided into groups and then asked to determine which team is the longest. Most people in the room didn't know that the top five were told to choose the second team the longest. Since then, the vast majority of the remaining participants have consciously wanted to integrate into them. They have not analyzed independently and have not judged by themselves. They merely succumbed to the expectations of social conventions.

The first five people all said the same thing because they were afraid to be the different people. This is the way humans think. When people should be more straightforward and demanding, people will voluntarily obey the beliefs of others and instinctively avoid potential conflicts or be laughed at.

The most successful of us can ignore social pressure because they don't care if they are excluded, they want to win more.

The most successful people are often different. They differ from others in their experience of creating innovative and revolutionary products or services that are often counter-intuitive and often look bad at first.

But they are not stubborn

They may be single-minded to believe that an idea can succeed, but they are not stupid.

If the front door does not open, they will try the back door.

If the back door does not open, they will try to open the window.

If the window doesn't open, they will smash the door.

They are convinced that they will overcome any obstacles and they believe that the way to achieve this goal is flexible.

They don't cling to a certain way, they all have a firm belief that they will try any path that can achieve their goals.

If these roads are filled with warnings, ridicules, or sounds that they will never succeed, it will not stop them from stopping. This is the key.

There is no eternal "no ", "no" is only a temporary rejection from one aspect. In the process of pursuing acceptance and success, there is a whole world worth trying.

You only need another person to believe in your view of the world and you can start to implement it.

But you must have the ability to ignore things that will distract you.


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