OK Research reports: More than 88% of investors trust IEO; more than half of investors profit in March

According to the monthly report of OK Research, in the questionnaire on “Investors' Attitudes towards IEO”, more than 88% of investors trust the IEO project launched by the exchange, and believe that they have their credit endorsements and traffic resources and short-term positive. But 42% of investors also have concerns about regulatory and market risks. In the questionnaire, 64% of investors did not participate in IEO or were not profitable, and 11% of investors achieved profitability. The results of the March investment income survey showed that in March 2019, the income of digital asset investors was better. Among them, large profits, large profits and small profits accounted for 51.32% of the total, that is, more than half of the digital asset investors profited in March, compared with the investment situation in February 2019, the investment income has greatly improved.