Report: Bitcoin suddenly rises for no specific reason and may push up its volatility

SFOX Inc. released the March 2019 Encrypted Volatility Report. The report predicts that BTC price uncertainty may push up volatility. According to the report, BTC soared 25% in just two days, from $4,089 to $5,089, but there was no "specific" explanation. SFOX detailed, considering that the 2017 rebound is an important sign, the large fluctuations in BTC prices (not caused by specific reasons) may generate higher uncertainty in the market, which in turn pushes up volatility. The report elaborated on the fluctuations in the altcoin of LTC, BCH, ETH, etc., and said that “…the growth of the whole industry may exceed the BTC.” The report went on to say that the rebound of BCH in March was the most “creepy”. One of the rebounds, these rebounds seem to be unable to find any specific reasons.