NEO report: 100,000 unclaimed NEOs will be returned to the Foundation in October this year.

According to Coindesk, a financial report disclosed by the NEO Foundation showed that NEO raised $97517 for the first time in 2016, plus 8,169 bitcoins. By February 2018, Bitcoin had liquidated more than $8.3 million. In addition, approximately 100,000 “unclaimed” NEO tokens will be returned to the Foundation in October 2019. These tokens were purchased during crowdfunding but never put in a wallet. The report also shows that at least 10 organized development teams are involved in the development of the NEO blockchain, with only two official headquarters in China. Founder Da Hongfei said: "Most of the core developers live outside of China. Many of these core developers work full time, but they are not hired by us and are not hired by anyone, but we will send them NEO. Tokens to compensate them."