Digital Asset Holdings has shifted its focus to smart contracts

A plan to apply blockchain technology to securities and trade settlements seems to be stagnating, and Digital Asset Holdings (DAH), one of its main supporters, has turned its focus to the so-called "smart contract." DAH was previously led by JPMorgan's former executive Blythe Masters, who promised to revolutionize the financial industry by applying distributed ledger technology that supports cryptocurrencies to trade settlement and settlement activities. In April of this year, there were signs that DAH was gradually moving away from the blockchain. The company announced at the time that it would make its smart contract language DAML easier to integrate with blockchain competitors such as Hyperledger. DAH's current CEO Yuval Rooz stressed that the company is still committed to the blockchain business, but he confirmed that the industry's standardization has continued to increase and has begun to commercialize the business, which constitutes the potential to generate revenue only from the blockchain. challenge. The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has invested more than A$20 million in DAH. The exchange said that plans to upgrade domestic settlement systems using DAH's technology are still in progress.