Research shows that since the birth of Bitcoin, the annual return on investment is positive.

According to Rhythm's research, no matter what year the user buys Bitcoin, they are profitable every year. The data shows that in the first year after the birth of Bitcoin, the average annual return of users was 4%. The next returns are 194%, 923% and 3039%. In the fifth year, I got rid of this positive growth pattern and achieved a low but impressive 1101% return. The sixth and seventh years of investment were relatively volatile, with a return of 6320% in the sixth year. Later, due to the bull market, the rate of return soared to a staggering 144,912%. This situation has continued in the next few years, although the bitcoin market is in a bear market in 2018, but still has a considerable return. Many of the supporters of the special currency also have their own opinion on the growing influence of Bitcoin, TheCryptoLegend wrote on Twitter, “Bitcoin will never stop growing. It will move all the time if you don’t move with it. It will Passing by you."