Trader Peter Brandt: XRP and LTC will continue to rise

According to famous trader Peter Brandt, the owners of XRP and LTC are very fortunate. 1. LTC/BTC completed an important buy signal. 2. The new high recovery point for XRP will be constructive, with targets of $0.5688 and $0.6260. Peter Brandt mentioned the halving of the upcoming LTC and BTC networks. The halving of LTC occurred in August, and he believes this month is the month when LTC is most likely to experience a sharp surge. A halving of the reward will reduce the supply of cryptocurrency by half, which can greatly affect its demand and lead to price increases. Peter Brandt went on to point out that XRP is another cryptocurrency that is about to rise in price. According to him, XRP seems likely to continue to recover on the way back to ATH. In this case, he saw that XRP quickly reached the target of $0.5688 and $0.6260. Therefore, Peter Brandt said that the best time to buy XRP and Litecoin is when the two currencies are still preparing for the upcoming rally.