BM: Voice is a great tool for decentralized governance of EOS blockchain

BM today published a number of tweets to publish topics related to Voice: a. The unique identity mechanism is the basis for blockchain to achieve true democratic governance or mixed governance. Voice is the best opportunity to implement decentralized governance of blockchains (rather than the Pareto distribution of power). If it is adopted, EOS will be more decentralized than other blockchains. b. If you want to change the world, you must be prepared for beating. An anonymous speech cannot bring any consequences to the speaker. Only someone will confuse it through fake news. Telling the truth and telling the truth is a consequence and must be faced; c. If your voice is overwhelmed by the noise of millions of robots, what is the use of freedom of speech? We need more real users to express their opinions on the opinions of others. If you let those who do not have masks scare you into the mask, it will undoubtedly fuel their arrogance and weaken the power of you (real users). * The Pareto distribution is named after the Italian economist Pareto and refers to the power law distribution found in a large number of real-world phenomena. Simplicity can be understood as trading through the market, with 20% of the population owning 80% of the property.