After Kodak, Kodak first launched its own blockchain file management system.

According to Coindesk's June 7 report, Kodak, a traditional camera brand, announced at a conference in Rochester, New York that it will introduce a new document management system based on blockchain. Unlike Kodak's previously released blockchain products, the Kodak Document Management Platform will be a self-developed product that is not licensed by third parties.

Kodak_C613 (Source: WikiMedia )

Kodak said that the Kodak Document Management Platform will be launched in the name of business services and help businesses and governments store and manage sensitive documents by relying on the efficiency and security provided by blockchain technology.

The company also said that the blockchain platform will save 20% to 40% of its costs through automated workflows and reduce manual management of content, information and documents.

In 2013, Kodak issued its first announcement as a provider of information solutions, stating that Kodak “has transformed into a technology company focused on commercial imaging”. To this end, “Kodak offers customers disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions for products packaging, graphics communications and functional printing.”

In recent years, Kodak has embraced blockchain technology while practicing its line. In January 2018, third-party authorized Kodak akcoin was launched, and its launch was mainly for the tracking of online image copyright through blockchain technology. After the Kodak-related statement was released, Kodak’s share price jumped from $3.10 to a high of $13.28 on the second day of trading.

After the Kodak currency project was announced, the outside world had mixed opinions. It is widely believed that the introduction of Kodak will either bring a subversive change to the 130-year-old company or be a scam. The project is still in the process of development and is scheduled to be officially launched on July 1, 2019.

The parent company of Kodak said:

As global regulators become more interested in first-time token issuance (ICO), RYDE Holding Inc. is taking the necessary steps to ensure that our offerings are consistent with and applicable to all securities and other laws.

Although Kodak has not yet been traded, RYDE Holdings and ICOx Innovations have established an image copyright database under the name Eastman Kodak. According to KODAKOne's report, in the beta version, the photographer passed on his work and obtained more than $1 million in authorization claims.

Alejandro Castano of IKNO Colombia said in a statement:

Kodak is synonymous with trust and quality.

Currently, Eastman Kodak's share price is $2.30. Although Kodak has been questioned in the areas of digital assets, smart contracts and blockchain, the company's share price has risen to some extent after the announcement.