Ganzi Bitcoin "mine" is involved in the construction of the follow-up: Kangding rectifies the "three no" project in the Dongfang District

According to the cover news, many bitcoin mines are hidden in the hydropower station of the Dadu River Basin in Kangding, Ganzi, Sichuan. For the nearby power stations, low-cost electricity is purchased. Some of the “mines” factories have no EIA, have not been reported, and are suspected of illegal construction. Some factories even built on the river embankment. On June 8th, the cover journalist learned from the relevant departments of Kangding City that on the basis of the previous stage of the arrangement, on June 7, the inspection team consisting of the deputy secretary of the Kangding Municipal Party Committee and the mayor of the city, and the multi-department of Kangding City, The "three no" project in the Dongdong area of ​​Kangding City and the production of chaos were investigated and rectified. The inspection team took the form of on-site office, on-site inspection and site remediation, and rectified illegal construction along the Dadu River, no land for construction planning, no construction permit, and no land use certificate. "Protect legal projects and protect them from chaos." A said that projects such as illegal construction, unapproved construction, incomplete procedures, perfunctory things, inadequate rectification, and inadequate safety are all important. Remediation. The reporter was also informed that the relevant project parties must submit the relevant procedures and materials to the Kangding Municipal Government Office on June 10, and resolutely stop construction and production before the formalities are complete.