Bitcoin is more concerned than Trump, Kardashian and Tesla

Foreword: Bitcoin's search index represents the level of public interest in it. The search index for the term "bitcoin" has been in some time periods, especially in 2019, and even surpassed "Trump", "Kardashian" and "Tesla". Similarly, what is the comparison between “Ethereum” and “Messi”, “Bezos” and “Climate Change” search index? How does this help us make investment decisions? The author of this article is ConsenSys, translated by the "SL" of the "Blue Fox Notes" community.

The function of Google Trends is like exploring the eyes of the world's subconscious. Search habits show what Internet users around the world care about and what information is driving the global community. In fact, you can say that on the smart little program of Google, the French sociologist Émile Durkheim called the "collective consciousness".

When you use Google Trends, you can find some wonderful details about blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and Ethereum, especially the scenario of these terms being globalized.

Recently, we searched for the search trends of these basic vocabulary, such as “blockchain”, “bitcoin”, “Ethernet” and “cryptocurrency”, but this time we put them in some technical, political and cultural fields. The world's widely searched vocabulary is compared.

Bitcoin Vs. Trump


For most of the past 12 months, both global search rankings have been in a state of fierce competition. In the dominant position of the trend, Bitcoin and Trump have had 11 position swaps. However, for most of 2019, Bitcoin maintained a significant lead over Trump in search.

In addition, Bitcoin's recent market improvement has once again sparked interest. This is unmatched by the search trend that Trump is gradually weakening.

This is the map distribution data of the world…

As you might imagine, the search for "Trump" is ranked higher in the US and Canada, where he is everywhere in the mainstream media. Interestingly, Trump also has a high search index in Ireland, New Zealand and Denmark. The search for the term “bitcoin” has a higher search index than the word “Trump” in continental Europe, India, Brazil and most of East Asia.

Now let's add some comparison objects. What happens when you add one of the most watched companies in the world and one of the most watched social media characters in the world?

Bitcoin Vs. Trump Vs. Tesla Vs. Kardashian


For most of 2019, Bitcoin's search index was significantly higher than Trump, Tesla and Kardashian, and there were certain advantages. In fact, Bitcoin is in the lead for four of the past 12 months. Bitcoin's search index has recently been at a high point, which is related to the rapid rise of the market, and is actually the highest interest in “bitcoin” in the past 12 months.

In addition, according to Google data, "Bitcoin" has just been more than "Tesla", and "Trump" is expected to rise to third place, although in the past few months, "Kardashian" and "Bitcoin" "There is a suspicious correlation, but she is in fourth place.

Now let's play the same game with the word "Ethereum"…

Ethereum Vs. Climate Change

As we said, the "Ethereum" in Google's search trend is showing its strong upward trend. In countries with advanced technology such as Japan and South Korea, the search index of the term "Ethereum" even exceeds "bitcoin". .

“Climate change” is probably the biggest threat to humanity to date, and people’s interest in searching for this topic is increasing. For most of 2018, the Ethereum search index exceeded “climate change”. However, by 2019, after the “climate change” of “climate change”, the interest in the search for this phrase rebounded greatly, far exceeding “Ether Square”. (Blue Fox Note: Would it be a bit strange to put together the search index of "Ethereum" and "Climate Change"? "Ethereum" will be able to come with "Trump" and "Tesla" in the future. When Kardashian is compared, it can be regarded as the time when it is truly recognized by the public.)

This is the same data distributed on a global map…

With global spread, “climate change” searches are more common in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, India, Australia, and a few African countries. At the same time, the Ethereum search index ranks higher in Russia, Brazil, continental Europe and most of Asia.

Now let us add one of the world's biggest sports stars and one of the richest businessmen and public figures in the world…

Ethereum Vs. Climate Change Vs. Messi Vs. Bezos

Although Messi's early search index soared during the 2018 World Cup, in those years, the search index for these four words was highly competitive. In the short period of the fall, the search index of Ethereum surpassed Messi, Bezos and Climate Change, which is not an easy task. However, with the "Bezos" divorce incident, the interest in the search for "Bezos" has greatly increased. Now, “Climate Change” leads the search rankings beyond Bezos, Messi and Ethereum.

Let's take a look at the distribution of data on the map…

Perhaps the biggest variation in the entire study is that the Ethereum search index dominates Russia, Eastern Europe, East Asia, and parts of the Middle East. It is conceivable that the "Messi" search index is in the leading position in Latin America and the Mediterranean region of Europe, while the "Bezos" search index has advantages in the United States and Saudi Arabia, while the "Climate Change" search index is in Canada and Australia. highest.

But what other insights can we draw from these Google Trends data?

Term: Crypto Vs. Cryptocurrency (encrypted Vs. cryptocurrency)

In the early stages of blockchain development, the terms people used to talk about their development are still changing. Let us give a basic example: When describing digital assets or tokens, do you use the term "crypto" or "cryptocurrency"?

The following is what the global data says…

Although the two terms seem to be completely relevant, there is now a trend in the past year that "Crypto" has been adopted by people more than "Cryptocurrency". One possible reason is that the prefix "crypto" is easier to convert between languages ​​than "currency".

This is the data distributed on the map…

In addition to the term “Cryptocurrency” supported by India, Malaysia, Kenya and Nigeria, the acronym for “Crypto” demonstrates greater usage and search advantages in any other region of the world.


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