"Wang Sicong Sun Yuchen" on the microblogging hot search sixth

On the morning of June 9, the keyword "Wang Sicong Sun Yuchen" was on the microblogging hot search, currently ranked sixth. According to previous news, Sun Yuchen said on Weibo: I heard that Wang Sicong is jealous of me? He also said: "I still dare to rely on myself after the shackles. After 80, I dare to swear by 90. If I have a live broadcast, I will still be in business, who will give you the courage, Liang Jingru?" Zhao Dong also agreed with his statement. According to legend, Wang Sicong forwarded an article on the table of "Sun Yuchen Buffett's table, all amaranth" in the circle of friends on June 5th at 1:10 pm, saying that "this is not a stupid X."