Chen Weixing: Did not replace the four-wave lawyer, Li Xiaolai lawyers denied the facts of fundraising

In response to Li Xiaolai’s statement that “Chen Weixing has changed four lawyers”, on the evening of June 8, Chen Weixing issued a microblog statement stating: “1. We have not changed the lawyers of Sibo, and the case has been our company’s cooperation for many years. Two lawyers of the two law firms; 2. I went to experience a trial. When I was at the scene, I was the focus of eloquence. Li Xiaolai did not dare to go at all; 3. At the trial, Li Xiaolai’s lawyer denied the fact that he raised funds. All projects issued ICO fundraising, and Li Xiaolai’s lawyer said that they have nothing to do with Li Xiaolai, so I said that he is trying to shirk responsibility."