According to the report, in the top 40 exchanges with actual trading volume, about 65% of Bitcoin trading volume is forged.

According to Crypto Slate, the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) released the latest report saying that after several months of research, BTI found that more than 10% of the transactions in the currency were cleaning transactions. Most of the 30 trading pairs on the exchange are cleaning transactions, and some trading pairs present up to 75% of the cleaning volume. Bitcoin and Ethereum have between 85% and 95% legal transactions. Although the currency is relatively clean compared to other platforms, it is no longer considered a “validated exchange”. The report also said that about 88% to 92% of daily trading volume was fabricated on the day, while about 92% of Bitcoin's daily trading volume was forged. Of the top 40 exchanges in actual trading volume, about 65% of Bitcoin transactions are forged, and almost all counterfeit data comes from OKEx, Bibox, HitBTC and Firecoin.