Guo Taiming's campaign office: "Guo Taiming invests in bitcoin trading platform" is fake news

According to NOWnews news, yesterday's Guo Taiming campaign office issued a statement saying that there is a bitcoin trading platform that falsely claimed that Guo Taiming invested, the relevant content is not true, and will assess whether to take relevant legal action on this platform. The statement pointed out that many "Fridaynewsify" and other websites and websites promoted and disseminated fake news through social platforms and advertisements, claiming that Guo Taiming was on the program "One-of-One Strong" to promote the automated bitcoin called "Cryptosystem". The trading platform, and alleged that Guo Taiming invested in bitcoin on the BitcoinFuture platform, was all falsely fabricated. Guo Taiming never invested in the platform.