Fang Senhua, the central bank of the People's Bank of China in Dongguan: virtual currency, blockchain technology, etc. are relatively common areas of illegal fundraising.

According to Dongguan Sunshine Network, Fang Senhua, deputy section chief of the Financial Stability Division of the People's Bank of China in downtown Dongguan, said in an interview that lawless elements are using Internet finance as a scorpion to illegally raise Ponzi schemes in the name of financial innovation and inclusive finance. In fact, areas such as consumer rebates, virtual currency, blockchain technology, asset management and private equity are also relatively common areas of illegal fundraising. To judge whether an investment project or an investment field is illegal, you can refer to three aspects: First, look at the income. If the income is obviously higher than the income of the formal financial institution's products, or even promised to protect the interest rate, it is definitely risky. Second, look at legality. Whether the investment project is real or not, is there a license issued by the financial management department or other departments? Third, look at the policy. Virtual currency, such as bitcoin, and virtual currency trading of Ethereum, has been explicitly banned in China. If it is still engaged in virtual currency investment, it is likely to encounter illegal fund-raising.