The Financial Stability Board reiterates that crypto assets will not threaten financial stability

On June 9, according to news.bitcoin, the Financial Stability Board reported to the G20 finance ministers and central bank central bank the financial stability risks of encrypted assets. They said in March last year that encrypted assets did not pose a significant risk to global financial stability. . This time, the Financial Stability Board reiterated its previous view in its report entitled "Encrypted Assets: Ongoing Work, Regulatory Approaches and Potential Gaps": "So far, the Financial Stability Board believes that crypto assets will not be global Financial stability poses a major risk, but it does raise some policy issues that go beyond financial stability.” The European Central Bank and the Financial Stability Board have agreed on whether crypto assets pose a threat to financial stability. The report released in the month said: “Currently, the impact and/or risk of crypto assets on financial stability, monetary policy, payment and market infrastructure in the Eurozone is limited or controllable.” The Financial Stability Board will be in September this year. A new report will be published, which will cover the development of stable currency and tokenization. In addition, the OECD will assess the work of asset tokenization and analyze the impact this mechanism may have on financial markets and the interests and risks of stable currencies.