Ripple transfers 40 million XRP to wallet, users guess Ripple floods into the market

According to the Whale Alert test, there were three notable transactions on June 8 and 9. One of them occurred at 8:26 on June 8th, Beijing time, and transferred 20 million XRP from the Ripple exchange wallet to the unknown wallet. The sender is the starting address of rffYK32pni; the receiver is the address starting with rHJMEHv and is not marked. Further investigation revealed that the recipient's address was previously received the same amount from the exchange and may be used to send to other addresses. The recipient's XRP balance is 22.233 million. A few seconds after the other transaction took place, the Ripple exchange transferred 20 million XRPs to the XRP ll wallet. The receiver address begins with rHjJwY4maqRy and was used to transfer XRP to various exchanges such as Digifinex, Hitbtc and Huobi. The address may be just Ripple, but the name is confusing for people in many communities. Twitter user CWSlater2 commented, "Is anyone buying XRP or Ripple into the market?"