Xiao Lei: If Facebook’s digital currency plan is successfully implemented, one third of the world’s population will have a unified digital currency.

On June 9, financial writer Xiao Lei issued a message that Facebook, the US social giant with a global population of one-third of its population, will launch the digital currency Libra next year. Libra will be linked to a "basket" of currencies, and Facebook will operate Libra through the foundation, which is similar to the current structure of the International Monetary Fund, but its penetration is much higher than the International Monetary Fund. In the global money market, there are too many pain points to solve, but the top-down plan does not work, because in this field, no big congress has voluntarily given up its own coinage. The current problem is that sovereign currencies are unable to shake off the problems of relying on settlement agencies and quickly satisfying the changing consumption scenes in the field of global transactions and settlements. In this context, even if no institution introduces a new global payment model, some traders will adopt existing digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as transfer tools. Of course, Libra is not used to subvert the dollar, but more to solve the user's consumption and transfer problems. According to the plan, Libra will establish a digital payment system in more than a dozen countries around the world by the first quarter of 2020. It is also preparing to deploy offline ATMs (automated teller machines).