Data: May traffic and other exchange sites such as Coinbase soared, bitcoin trading surged

In May 2019, the traffic of websites of major exchanges such as Coin and Coinbase soared. SimilarWeb data shows that one of the world's top 1000 websites, the cryptocurrency exchange, had more than 42 million visits in May. Similarly, Coinbase, the largest bitcoin exchange in the United States, has more than 35 million visits. Most importantly, funds are pouring into the exchange, as many of these visits were realized in May 2019 with a transaction of approximately $5.9 billion. Bitcoinity data showed that on May 16, Coinbase's bitcoin transaction volume hit a 14-month high, trading volume exceeded 47,400 BTC (about 376 million US dollars). According to previous reports, in May of this year, Coinbase's bitcoin trading volume hit its highest level in 14 months. Bitcoinity data shows that in May, Coinbase facilitated the trading of 738,959.42 bitcoins, which was valued at approximately $5.9 billion at current market prices. This is the highest bitcoin trading volume of the exchange since March 2018.