8BTCCI and 8BTCVI quickly fall back, the main attack is weak, the market continues to fluctuate

As of 10:00 on June 10, the 8BTCCI index was at 13506.65 points, much higher than the Nasdaq Composite Index (7,742.10 points). Since the release date, the global Token market has performed better than the securities market. The 8BTCCI index rose to -3.20% for 24 hours, of which Bitcoin and Ethereum's 24-hour rise and fall were -2.25% and -2.93%, respectively. The 8BTCVI index was reported at 10349.59 points, lower than the 8BTCCI index point, and its 24-hour ups and downs were -3.74%. The market value of Token was rapidly falling relative to the overall market. According to QKL123 data, among the 8BTCCI index components, the Token component rose by 2, the Token component fell by 36, and the 24-hour ups and downs of the first three tokens were HT, DASH, and ZEC respectively, corresponding to a 24-hour rise and fall of +1.29% and +0.00 respectively. %, -0.27%. Among the 8BTCVI index components, the Token component rose by 4, the Token component fell by 23, and the last three tokens were ONT, DCR, and ETP, respectively. The corresponding 24-hour rise and fall were +6.40%, +2.88%, +2.70. %. The Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) refers to the Nasdaq Composite Index to reflect the performance of the entire Token market. The Babbitt Value Index (8BTCVI) is dedicated to reflecting the market performance of Token, the most growth potential in the global market.