Cardano founder slams EOS, Sun Yuchen, BSV

The dilemma of EOS seems far from stopped, and B1's latest statement failed to reverse the decline of EOS. June 10, according to ambcrypto, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said that the highly anticipated EOS announcement (EOS June) is a "failure." Charles Hoskinson also talked about Sun Yuchen and BSV. Hoskinson said that Sun Yuchen spent $4.6 million on lunch with Bitcoin skeptic Buffett. He has already done his job, and what they have to do to keep the hype is crazy. The surge in BSV last month was caused by market manipulation, and truly outstanding projects sometimes “have been far away” and could not be attractive. Hoskinson's point of view is that if people (projects) fall into the act of trying to make investors happy, it is doomed to failure.