Tsinghua University Chai Yueting: The emergence and application of technologies such as blockchain have made "trusted connections" possible

On June 10th, Chai Yueting, director of the National Engineering Laboratory of E-commerce Trading Technology and Tsinghua University, said recently that the emergence and application of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are not just Solving the problem of connection and information transmission, the emergence of these technologies has made "trusted connection" possible, and the "trusted connection" and the full application of big data will bring about a further intelligent shopping mode. The higher the degree of digitization, the stronger the requirement for credibility, otherwise the society will be chaotic and the economy will be disorderly. The traceable, undeniable, and non-tamperable nature of blockchain technology will make it the next phase of infrastructure and infrastructure for trusted, trusted transactions. With the participation of big data, the blockchain provides a trusted interconnection between two actors, and a more intelligent shopping model will emerge.