Is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies in India for 10 years in prison? People: I don't care

On Friday, Bloomberg Quint of Bloomberg News India reported that India may consider imprisonment for 1 to 10 years for its citizens who “directly or indirectly participate in cryptocurrency mining, production, holding, sale, transfer, and distribution”. In addition, the offender will be fined three times the cryptocurrency gain or three times the system loss. We know that this country has been banned for cryptocurrencies for some time. But just last month, the CEO of Zebpay, a former cryptocurrency exchange in India, said the ban was "very unlikely." At the same time, many local cryptocurrency talents have chosen to serve Thailand, and some Indians have said that even if the ban is really a reality, they will not care. An Indian netizen said: "I am from India, I will hold, buy and not sell bitcoin. I don't care about the government's decision. I want to accumulate more bitcoin." Details: /423927