Market Analysis on June 10: Bitcoin Tests 7500 Support Again

[Yesterday market review]

Bitcoin 15 minutes

Yesterday, after a seduction in the 7850, I went up and took a lure. Then I fell below 7850 and went down.

In this area, we see that there is no sustainable trend, just oscillating; it goes up, giving people the feeling to go long, but you don’t want to rush in and do more, but on the four-hour triangle. There is a ambush near the 7850. Although there is a distance from the upper rail, it is a small price. It may be directly rushed up, or it may fall down first, shock and shock, and then go up; you rush in and go long. Greedy is cheap, and in the end it is easy to eat big losses!

By the same token, Bitcoin has fallen again; it may also fall down, or it may oscillate upwards and then fall. In this area, you either miss the shorts and focus on the bulls; or wait for the sky chart's candlestick to close below 7500 and then focus on the shorts. If now because it is falling, it will start to be short-selling, and it may be greedy for a small price, and eventually suffer a big loss!

In the end, we can clearly see through the shocks that have already passed: within the triangle shock range, there are traps everywhere, and there are few real opportunities!

To survive in such an environment, you must have a flexible mind, a quick response, and a high sensitivity to the market! However, such quality is very demanding for ordinary investors; then what is the market that ordinary investors can do?

A: The market after the triangle shock is something that ordinary investors can catch. Then this paragraph requires you to resist your desire to make a single order, waiting to wait and wait! We try to do the kind of market that can be seen as a long or short one at a glance, rather than a market that is uncertain in long and short! As soon as it walks out of the triangle shock zone, the direction will come out immediately; then the market will be easy to do!

[market analysis]

Bitcoin weekly chart

If you don't have enough time to pay attention to the day's market, there is not much confidence in winning in the day trading. Then the weekly chart will have a big effect on you, because the weekly chart is a slow-paced day market.

How do we treat intraday trading and how to deal with weekly trading. The ideas used are the same, but the time periods are different.

The K-line of the weekly chart goes slower, and we need to wait longer. Because it takes a long time to wait, this is a road that few people will notice, and there are fewer people to walk! The less people notice and follow, the higher the value of attention!

As for when it will come down, how it will go down, we don't know; we know that the big trend has already formed, we still need a borrowing point! This point of borrowing is the point where the smart money of the big institutions are waiting!

Bitcoin sky map

Tiantu yesterday, after the cross star, received a negative line.

However, the current overall pattern is still a triangular shock zone, so as long as the 7500's lower track does not close, then the short position is not established! As long as the upper rail of the triangle does not close, the bulls can't set up! Just walking in disorder! But this shock is also coming to the end, we need to focus on the closing of the candlestick chart for these two days!

The next few days of attention will have more opportunities than the previous few days. The market will go to the end of the triangle, and it will soon be nowhere to go. That is, the old shock is over, and the new trend begins!

Bitcoin for four hours

Although I didn't go up to test the upper track yesterday, I went down to test the lower track.

Looking at the third oscillating range on the right side through the two previous volatility intervals, we can understand why it has to be oscillated for so long in this interval, and where it will oscillate. Because this area is a region where the long and short battles are fierce, it takes a long time to tug!

In this area of ​​tug-of-war, keep watching as much as possible. Because the trend is disordered, there are more traps than chances! If you want to pay attention to too much time, you will feel very entangled in the heart, in the end is to focus on the short position below the 7500; or focus on the long position near the triangle on the rail?

I personally prefer to ignore the possible short callbacks, mobilize the whole body to pay attention to the possible trend before the formation of the bulls, and then to perceive the signal of the multi-head start! So where is the long signal?

Let's assume a possible scenario: when Bitcoin oscillates to the end of the triangle, then the four-hour moving average starts to level off, even coincident, and when the market breaks up the rail or closes above the upper rail, the four-hour moving average gold fork; The 15 moving averages of the sky map were also re-started. Then this area is the ideal long signal, and we will wait to see if there is such an ideal situation.

But there will be another scenario: Bitcoin fell below 7500 and closed below 7500, going deeper to the downward callback. When this happens, how should we deal with it?

A: Fish and bear's paw can't have both! There will be a house, there must be a house! If you divide your mind into two halves, you must be shaken by your heart, and you will be easily trapped and lured. If you concentrate on the strength and only attack a little, then you will not attack, but you will attack!

Therefore, after the technical analysis is completed, the idea is clear, and not everyone can follow this idea. It is also necessary to look at the individual's inner self-cultivation. If the will is vacillating, it will be easy to be lured. If the will is determined, it will definitely miss the market. However, once the opportunity drifts from the front, you will not hesitate to enter!

In summary, the technical focus of Bitcoin in the medium and long term is in the mid-term and long-term watershed of the weekly chart. The short-term is still at the end of the triangular shock, waiting for the market to break. The bears missed, once there is a long position near the upper triangle. Signal, you can send troops to the trend!

Article source: Tan Xue blockchain (public number)