From EOS, Sun Yuchen and Ownen Cong, ADA founder Charles Hoskinson took turns to diss it again.

The dilemma of EOS seems to be far from cooling.'s June conference did not release "disruptive" products, and its latest statement failed to reverse the decline of this digital asset. Charles Hoskinson, founder and CEO of Cardano (ADA) and co-founder of Ethereum, said that the much-anticipated EOS conference was a "failure."

Screenshot 2019-06-10 12.14.32 PM

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano (ADA)

Hoskinson's response was in response to a question from Cardano's recent roadmap design published in the latest version of the "Cardano Effect." Input Out HK [IOHK] recently released an updated roadmap highlighting the key to the project's problem – making the Cardano blockchain 100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin. When asked if his roadmap was designed for investors, Hawking said.

“We don’t think much about IOHK investors. The entire investment theory of the cryptocurrency industry is a bit strange, things will happen without reason, and they will collapse without reason.”

He also criticized the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, who spent $4.6 million to have lunch with bitcoin skeptics and billionaire Warren Buffet, and said Sun Yuchen might have "no idea."

"It’s crazy to see what they have to do to maintain this hype machine."

Hoskinson made a clever sarcasm on Craig Wright's BSV. He said that the BSV's soaring last month was caused by market manipulation, and really good projects sometimes "had a lot of money." Far away, can't get attractive. His point is, "If people fall into the act of trying to make investors happy, that is doomed to failure."

EOS centralization issue has been criticized again

The centralization of EOS has recently received attention again. Rating agency Weiss Ratings recently downgraded EOS because they believe there is a serious centralization problem with EOS. It is worth noting that Weiss Ratings also praised the decentralization of the ADA.

“EOS has serious problems with its centralization. Although their activities last week tried their best to alleviate this problem, we have significantly reduced its technical score. Now it is #ADA to release a real decentralization #PoS # Blockchain. No pressure."

For the centralization of EOS, EOS founder and EOS development company CTO BM gave his latest solution. On June 10th, BM communicated with the community about the centralization of EOS in the EOS telegram. The following is a summary of its views:

  1. If you want to decentralize the system, then wealth-weighting anything will always lead to a Pareto distribution (28 distributions);
  2. My solution is to separate the power from the money (weight) by allowing voters to choose;
  3. You basically have to bribe them with only one BP, and (in other words) to concentrate on a BP will become more profitable;
  4. They can still make money, but they can't control 21 nodes;
  5. Community: Are you recommending a status vote? BM: Cooperate with the new economic model.