Jiang Yanjie, Partner of Beijing Strategy Law Firm: One problem facing the blockchain at present is the lack of a unified blockchain technology credible standard

According to the Democracy and Legal Times, Jiang Yanjie, a partner of Beijing Strategy Law Firm, said in an interview that the blockchain’s ability to “save” the certificate has a higher technical guarantee, but the evidence is “taken” to “ "Save" and then "letter" is a whole, and the content of the certificate on the chain is electronic data, and it can not directly confirm its objective reality, because both ends of the chain are as evidenced before the chain and the standards after the chain is verified. It is an indispensable part of the credibility of the evidence. It is not a block of the “storage” of the blockchain that can have judicial power. In terms of legal regulation, the relevant departments have not yet unified the blockchain technology credibility standards and deposit certificate business specifications and the corresponding evidence proof force review operation guidelines. This is also a major issue facing the development of blockchain.