Lawyer Chen Yunfeng: The current blockchain technology has not been widely used in the financial industry, but its value will be more recognized.

On June 10, Chen Yunfeng, a senior partner of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm, published an article entitled “Application and Thinking of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Field”. The article points out that the distributed storage and data of blockchain technology can not be falsified, and the requirements of the financial field for information and data security and transaction data protection are highly consistent. Therefore, the main impacts of blockchain technology on the financial sector include enhancing information storage, improving the efficiency of financial services, and enhancing data security and protection. He also pointed out that blockchain technology has greatly promoted the development of the financial industry. Through the secure storage and data transmission technologies, decentralized and other underlying technologies ensure the security of assets and personal information in the transaction process. Although the blockchain technology has not been widely used in the current financial industry development, with the continuous exploration of technology, the value of blockchain technology will be more recognized.