Monitoring shows: EOS DApp BETX private key was stolen, 600 million BETX tokens were transferred for sale

According to PeckShield, a blockchain security company, the 600 million BETX tokens owned by the EOS quiz DApp manager account were hacked and sold at the Newdex exchange. So far, hackers have sold tokens. 198 EOS. The Newdex exchange has suspended the BETX transaction, and the project side has also issued an announcement for system service upgrades and plans to air-drop the user asset snapshot. The data shows that there are currently 13,146 users holding a total of 6.6 billion BETX tokens. The sell-off resulted in a large fluctuation in the price of the BETX token, which was almost zero. PeckShield security personnel initially analyzed that the reason for the attack was that the private key of the BETX project was stolen, and the hacker obtained the owner permission to transfer all the existing tokens of the contract. Here to remind the majority of DApp developers and players, be sure to pay attention to the security of the private key, if necessary, multi-signing mechanism can be used to enhance the security of key accounts.