Bittorrent Speed ​​beta users question BTT blockchain technology: perhaps the revenue component is not online at all

Block BlockBeats news, Tron's BitTorrent [BTT] released its BitTorrent File System [BTFS] on May 30, however, this did not result in any significant changes to the BitTorrent ecosystem. After the announcement of BTFS, a well-known supporter Misha Lederman said that BitTorrent Speed ​​will also be launched soon.

According to Ambcrypto , Sun Yuchen , founder of BitTorrent and Wavefield, said: BitTorrent announced that it sent an invitation to some people via email to visit BitTorrent Speed.

One seemingly invited Twitter user @_theperfesser commented on BitTorrent Speed ​​for other bt users. The user said that when they registered for the preemptive experience and answered some UI questions about the app, BitTorrent allowed them to download the app and seed 3 seeds. The user went on to say: "They started planting yesterday. So far there is no BTT earnings report, but their seeding speed is very slow. Double digits KB/s, my connection speed is 77Mbps (up and down). Maybe just no The files that people want to download, except those who visited in the early days, hahaha."

However, the user said that he put more emphasis on the application's UI issues and said that "the part that may make money has not yet played a role." BitTorrent Speed ​​rewards BTT users for BTT tokens in exchange for seed and bandwidth, which will help them download faster.

When another user asks how much a person can earn and needs to make money under what settings, @_theperfesser says that there is no setting in the application. They further explained: "Just open a button on the dashboard in the screenshot. I planted about 50GB of data, but did not display data for the "I'm seeding today" or "…more than 5 days" field. I think this is not part of this version. "

After the speed test, I downloaded a 1.06GB file provided by BitTorrent and found that the test without speed was slightly faster. However, @_theperfesser states: "These speeds do not match the seemingly random speed data displayed on the dashboard. This is consistent with my assumption that this test version focuses on the UI and the dashboard may be for user experience testing purposes only. And the analog function."

For now, users don't seem to know exactly how they can get BTT in their applications. BitTorrent may have to consider clarifying these questions and clarifying them before the official release.


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