In May, the number of Dapps with 0 EOS/ETH/TRON transactions increased by 83.56%.

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring, in May, EOS/ETH/TRON three major public-chain platform Dapps transactions more than 50,000 Dapp: EOS 86, ETH 12, TRON 43; Dapp with 0 A total of 219 models (EOS 43 models, ETH 94 models, TRON 82 models), an increase of 83.56% from April. The three Dapps with the highest number of transactions on the three public chain platforms are: EOS (HASH BABY, 26607984), ETH (IDEX, 358563), TRON (TRONbet, 7500556).