LTC approached $130 in the morning, and the computing power hit a record high.

In the early hours of the morning, Litecoin (LTC) once approached $130, the highest rose to $129.01, the highest since late May last year. LTC has now fallen back to $125.67, with a 24-hour drop of 0.49%. According to Coindesk's analysis, the excellent performance of LTC may be related to the halving of the mining awards to be carried out on August 8. LTC rose more than 500% in the three months before the last halving of the award (August 25, 2015). If you look at historical performance, LTC will continue to rise in the next four weeks. In addition, LTC's non-price indicators are also growing steadily. For example, according to data from, LTC's computing power hit a record high in the early hours of the 11th, breaking through 400 trillion H/s.