The largest dark network Dream Market will be closed at the end of the month. Where is the dark network going?

The living space left for the dark net may be getting smaller and smaller.

According to bitcoin, the largest dark market, Dream Market, announced that it will close on April 30 and transfer the service to its partner company.

Why is it dead?

In the "post-Silk Road" era, Dream Market has a good reputation in the dark network, whether it is running time or supplier reputation, and is called "the most reliable market for the dark network." It seems that it does not seem to be affected by law enforcement and hacking.

However, the undercurrent of the boom is undercurrent. In the Dark Net Technology Forum, the Dream Market official explained that the reason for being forced to close was that the Dream Market continued to suffer DDOS attacks in the past seven weeks, and the attackers extorted $400,000.

The so-called DDOS attack, that is, distributed denial-of-service attack, is a network attack method. The attacker combines multiple computers as an attacking platform to attack a certain target. The purpose is to exhaust the network or system resources of the target computer, temporarily interrupt or stop the service, and the normal users cannot access it.

Dream Market officially claimed that it had suffered such an attack, resulting in intermittent interruption of its website service, and had to close the website for maintenance.

When the Dream Market announced its closure, there were also reports that it had been controlled by law enforcement. According to foreign media securityaffairs, on the same day that the Dream Market was closed, law enforcement agencies from Europe, Canada and the United States announced that they had arrested 61 people and closed 50 dark networks for illegal activities through the “SaboTor” operation. Account.

Although Dream Market explained that it was not a run, it was just a normal maintenance, and promised that the new website "will be as good as the Dream Market." And remind users not to be affected by negative news such as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). However, users did not buy it. Shortly after the announcement, users rushed out of the Dream Market (cryptocurrency). However, the site has once again appeared down, and the page occasionally loads and pops up.

Family history

Founded in 2013, the Dream Market was originally an ordinary member of the tens of thousands of dark-net markets. It can develop into the leader of the dark network, in addition to "strength", there is luck.

For the dark network, there are three things that determine its fate: law enforcement, DDOS attacks, and website depression. In general, the life of the dark net is only one year, and the Dream Market can survive for so long, which proves that it is robust and powerful.

However, before 2017, Dream Market ranked only second in the dark network. In July 2017, US law enforcement agencies joined Europol and the Dutch police to close the largest dark market black market, Alpha Bay. Soon after, the third largest Hansa and the fourth RAMP were successively seized by the police. Dream Market has become the only "fruit", and the suppliers and users of the other three websites have become the largest dark-net market.

The tree was big, and the Dream Market was also eye-catching by law enforcement. Its supplier, Gal Vallerius, was arrested when he landed at the Atlanta airport in August 2017, and the court finally sentenced him to 20 years in prison.


Dream Market is about to close, which may be a good thing for other dark market. After all, the demand for the dark network still exists, and changing the trading platform does not seem to be a big problem for buyers and sellers.

As for the successor of Dream Market, whether it will retain the original website user assets and products, it is still unclear; how the new website will prevent DDOS attacks, also a question mark.

However, from the current trend, the intensity of cracking down on the dark nets in various countries is indeed increasing, and the living space left for the dark nets may be smaller and smaller.

The cryptocurrency has always been favored by the dark web due to its anonymity. "The most popular dark network is definitely Bitcoin (BTC), followed by Monroe (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Dash. To EOS," said the Slow Mist Security Team.

In the case of dark net damage, many people think that the price of cryptocurrency will plummet, but from the current situation, the impact of the rise and fall of the dark net on the cryptocurrency price seems to be decreasing.

(Source: Planet Daily)