Fuzhou introduced measures to accelerate the development of blockchain industry

Recently, Fuzhou City based on the development needs of the blockchain industry, issued the "three measures to accelerate the development of the blockchain industry."

Support high-quality enterprises (institutions) to land. Blockchain enterprises or institutions settled in Fuzhou Software Park and Southeast Data Industry Park, renting office space and using it for their own use. Each enterprise or institution will provide a rent subsidy of up to 600,000 yuan within 1,000 square meters per year. The rent subsidy period is 3 years. It is implemented on a yearly basis by payment. The annual revenue of blockchain enterprises or institutions exceeded 5 million yuan, 10 million yuan, 50 million yuan, and 100 million yuan for the first time, giving 6% of operating income rewards, and the highest reward is no more than 6 million yuan. For the industrial associations and industrial alliances in the blockchain area registered in the functional departments of the state, provincial and municipal governments in accordance with the law, they will be given a one-time activity of 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively. subsidy.

Support innovative demonstration applications. Encourage support for traditional enterprises to carry out blockchain application and implement demonstration projects for blockchain applications. For those projects that have been reviewed as key demonstration projects, each project will be subsidized by 20% of the construction funds, up to a maximum of 3 million yuan. Supporting the construction of more than 10 blockchain application scenarios each year, public finance investment projects focus on local enterprise products and solutions. Support the blockchain enterprises in this region to participate in the construction of “Digital Fuzhou” and smart city projects. Encourage the development and application of blockchain technology, and reward 600,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively for the results of blockchains that have won national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards and implemented transformation in Fuzhou.

Support the construction of industrial platforms. The company will receive 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively for the technological innovation platforms such as the key chain laboratory technology laboratory, engineering (technology) research center and enterprise technology center recognized by the national, provincial and municipal levels. For the high-level meetings such as the discussion of forums, forums, etc. at the international, national and provincial levels, the project will be awarded a subsidy of 200,000 to 1 million yuan.

According to reports, the measure is applicable to industrial and commercial, taxation, and statistical relations in Fuzhou. It is engaged in blockchain technology innovation and scenario application. The paid-in registered capital is over 1 million yuan, with independent legal personality, independent accounting, and actual operation. A blockchain enterprise (institution) that is good and promises not to change the above relationship within five years. For those who have made significant contributions to the industrial development in the area under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou City and can bring significant economic and social benefits, they can also be supported according to the principle of “one enterprise, one discussion”.

Source: Fujian Daily

Reporter Yan Junkai