Babbitt Column | Blockchain Practitioners: Insulted and Damaged

The elephant sits on the ground and the block chain becomes the ant under the hip.

"An elephant, sitting in the zoo every day, it has been sitting there for a long time. You really don't want to go see it? – "The elephant sits on the ground" "

Sun Yuchen is the elephant sitting there, and it has successfully attracted everyone's attention.

However, everyone ignored the blockchain that Sun Yuchen sat down and pressed down. People couldn't see the blockchain practitioners who were under pressure, but they could hear the audience's boos clearly and harshly.

The people of Wuhe usually forgot why they started. The event was fermented to this day. There are still a few people who are concerned about the meal of Buffett’s father. Does anyone care about which day to eat?

The rhythm of the incident has become more and more partial, from the "best price Buffett lunch" to Wang Xiaochuan, Wang Xing and other Internet circles, "Sun Yuchen is a big liar", and now has moved toward "blockchain is a scam."

At the end of 2017, I was still talking about the blockchain course, but now I tell my fans, "What technological revolution, don't pull it, the blockchain is religion."

Think about it, it’s really not easy to actually work on the blockchain practitioners: CX’s come in and scam a bunch of “chives” and ran away, leaving “chives” and “known” to smash the industry together. The person who does the work has to bear the innocent pollution.

Many people may not understand why this is the case. Wu Tong wrote that: "At the global luncheon with high attention, Sun Yuchen is not only the image of his own project, but also the entire pan-blockchain industry. The style. Although the current currency and chain are somewhat clear, most people outside the industry don’t think so."

Therefore, after evolving into a social event, the entire blockchain (including chain, coin, mine, pass, etc.) was backed up and hurt.

Although there will be no direct personal injury or financial loss, the public has formed an impression that “the former is a nightclub lady, and the female one is sure to sleep with the director”.

Speaking of this kind of injury, the old Internet people can feel the same feeling: e-commerce has just begun to rise, "Taobao sells fakes" is the mainstream comment. The paradox is that the victims of the year became the perpetrators of today.

This phenomenon is very interesting. People who are doing things practically are harmless, but they have nowhere to respond. Because the big men are not targeting you, they are all fans.

Of course, the opposite of Sun Yuchen is the Internet and venture capital, they represent the authority. Under such high pressure, everyone must be afraid of having a relationship with Sun Yuchen and become a target of public criticism.

Therefore, this thing is so hot, the blockchain can hardly hear the response, it is really a reality version of dumb to eat berberine.

In fact, this phenomenon should be divided into this dimension. On the one hand, Sun’s role as a person and a path to success. This dimension is very clear to everyone’s arguments, but there are many words;

On the other hand, it is more important. The media and fans have turned out the previous speeches or articles about the blockchain in order to make up for the heat. This is also the substantive action from the "encirclement and suppression" of one person to the "injury" circle. . There are actually many problems that need to be analyzed and clarified here.

Amnesty is the spokesperson of truth?

First of all, I must say that I can't overestimate the Internet's awareness of the blockchain. After all, the profession has a specialization. The time and energy that everyone spends in this field is vastly different. The understanding of the Internet is inevitably biased.

I have specially read Wang Xiaochuan's speech on "Blockchain and Old World". I think it is very deep, but there are still some fallacies. For example, I believe that the cost of maintaining the books is too high, so I will entrust them to third parties to form a "centralization."

The reason why I think deeply is because I will recognize my thumbs in addition to the last five words. But the point of this sentence is that the final implementation results will return to centralization, implying that there is no difference with the Internet, and the revolution that the blockchain wants to achieve will not be realized.

But are these two centralizations really the same? Trump and Kim Jong-un are both highly centralized. Are these two centralizations the same? In fact, this kind of understanding is similar to "the market where the enterprise exists is not a free market", but we all know that the enterprise is a part of the free market. The main difference between it and the compulsory is that the labor force can freely sign contracts with the enterprise.

In addition, Wang Xiaochuan and Caoz mentioned in the article that the mechanism is difficult to upgrade. The implication is that it is easy to break the consensus and move toward a hard fork.

Here, it actually implies that the fork is not a good thing, but the fork itself is an upgrade. Being able to fork, is an improvement, just moving towards freedom!

I once described in Freedom of Freedom, the freedom provided by the forks transcends our usual democracy, because you can withdraw from the organization at any time. When the result of the vote is completely intolerable, you can share the contract you want and the original performance with the same opinion, and carry out the fork. In contrast to the US elections, many people clearly do not like Trump, but they have to accept the results of Trump's election; otherwise there is only one option to abandon American citizenship and join other countries.

In this incident, the most controversial point, it is even more obvious that the thinking of the Internet and the blockchain is completely out of the same paradigm. That is, is there any value in "digital currency", is it a scam?

This is a topic that is long enough to be a separate book, so there is no way to elaborate here. Only the three points that are currently the most misunderstood are discussed:

a. When you talk about "digital currency," you are not talking about the same thing.

For outsiders, basically all the “coins” (equity certificates) related to the blockchain are collectively referred to as “digital currency”. However, the currency is a large category. From the technical point of view, there are differences between coin and token, and there are different divisions such as Security Token and Utility Token. It cannot be generalized as “digital currency”.

From more than four years ago, Wang Xiaochuan’s interview with China Entrepreneur found that for the currency related to the blockchain, Wang’s first reaction was that it was challenging the legal currency, which was illegal. In fact, it is not entirely true that the securities will follow. Money is irrelevant. And there is another question hidden here, is whether the "monetary country" is correct.

b. The stock market is not a scam, nor is the currency market.

Seeing the remarks about the scam, my first reaction was that some people in the stock market were deceiving, and some people in the coin market were deceiving, but it cannot be said that someone deceived the whole market is a scam. This is the same as Sun Yuchen’s cutting the leeks. The logic of cutting amaranth is like a robber.

But later I found out that I wanted to be simple. The original public understood that I lost money here so the whole market is a scam. Now even bank financing does not guarantee the benefits, then the bank is also a scam?

The core of the market mechanism is the price mechanism. The trading mechanism of the securities market can realize high-frequency trading of multiple buyers and multiple sellers at the same time. This is the most effective way to find the price in the market at present, and the price fluctuation is doomed. There will be losers.

The buyer can't even ask the price to rise or fall, as long as it falls, it is a liar. Nokia’s share price has fallen from a high point to less than one-tenth now, so is Nokia’s shareholder a liar?

A stock that has been falling is not necessarily a liar. A currency that has been rising is not necessarily a liar. When you open your mouth, you must know who you are.

What people want to blame is actually false information, which is actually price manipulation, not this market. The need for improvement in the currency market is also the regulation of this part.

c. Money itself has no intrinsic value.

Of course, people think that the currency market is a scam, and the more important point is that the coins are "very air" and have no intrinsic value. This point, especially the big brother Bitcoin has suffered a lot of controversy. I don't want to say that Bitcoin has intrinsic value, but wants to ask the question, is it necessary to have intrinsic value?

I sent an article in June last year, "Gold is the biggest air coin" , which talks about "gold has no intrinsic value, can not be used to eat and can not be used to cover the body, nor is it legal and mandatory. .

Maybe you will say the industrial value of gold, but gold has no industry in the thousands of years before it was used as currency. Gold is used for decoration, but also because it is expensive, it is fruit, not cause.

It is hard for human beings to go to the top of the food chain, no longer worry about survival every day. At this time, the "value" has changed a lot with the past. I believe that Internet people can understand, after all, online games can be excluded from the beginning.

No intrinsic value is not the same as no value ;

If you don't understand the value, you can't make a statement that there is no value.

The era calls for a "truth debate" on a blockchain

Thinking of human civilization will naturally think of the "Axis Age", and for the ancient Greeks of the Axis Age, the most intuitive picture is Raphael's "Athens Academy." In the center of the picture, Plato's one-finger day symbolizes his idealism, while Aristotle extends his hand to symbolize his pragmatism.

Their debate under this roof, until today, more than two thousand years ago, has profoundly affected us and influenced human civilization.

On the other hand, now on the Internet, you say "you are stupid", he said "after 80 is not qualified to say 90 after", such a brainless spray does not make sense.

Wang Feng is right. "The two circles of the Internet and the blockchain have been too quiet recently. It is better to have an offline debate."

But if it is only between Sun Yuchen and Wang Xiaochuan, the significance is not great.

We are in an era of great change. What we can see is that the economy, culture and social form are all affected and transformed by the blockchain.

In such an era, as a "insulted and damaged person", we do not need a shrewd street that only has an emotional catharsis.

What we need is a "big debate of truth ";

It is a profound collision with the true meaning of value;

It is a hundred contends with this era , with thoughts, depth and promotion .

This debate is a debate between the two eras , the blockchain and the Internet era ;

This debate is like the "Athens Academy". The Confucianism of the Great Masters is a great debate .

This debate will become a symbol of the blockchain era and become a historical topic for future generations .

I believe that as a negligible element of this era, it is an honour for us to have the opportunity to witness and promote this matter at the turning point of history.

Fools build high walls, while wise men build bridges.

The idea of ​​bridge connection will lead this era.

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Thanks to Hong Qigong and Koala for participating in the editorial revision of this article.