E*Trade is advertising a number of "crypted transactions" related search terms or confirming that it will launch a cryptocurrency transaction service

E*Trade, a well-known American online brokerage, was recently found advertised on Google for the search term “cryptocurrency trading”. Although the ad text does not mention cryptocurrency or blockchain, the E*Trade name has appeared under cryptocurrency transaction providers such as Gemini, Coinbase and BitcoinIRA. Crypto Youtuber and Airswap employee Robert Paone also confirmed this statement. He revealed that E*Trade also appeared in the search results of "crypto trading". This may mean that the agency is preparing to launch a digital asset trading service. Earlier in April, Nathaniel Popper, a well-known New York Times reporter, reported that E*Trade was preparing to launch a cryptographic transaction service for its 5 million retail customers. The company plans to offer BTC and ETH transactions.