Shenzhen launched a benign exit voting system for online lending institutions that combine blockchain technology

According to the "Yangcheng Evening News" report, the reporter recently learned from the Shenzhen Internet Finance Association that the Shenzhen region is the first to launch a P2P online lending institution in the country to vote out of the unified voting system (hereinafter referred to as: online loan voting system), which will effectively solve online loans. The key issue of decision-making in the process of benign exit of the platform. The first pilot online loan platform in Futian District completed the first major event voting in June this year. The system introduces face recognition, blockchain, online deposit certificate, and robot voice call technology. Face recognition can confirm the operation of the person, prevent counterfeiting from voting, and ensure the fairness of the voting result. The blockchain system depositing technology makes the results of each vote impossible to tamper with, and each deposit certificate has the legal effect of endorsement by an authoritative organization, and can apply for arbitration as evidence.