The founder of NiceHash in the computing rental market was a dark hacker, and the FBI accused him of fraud.

The FBI (FBI) is eyeing a notorious dark hacker.

Matjaž Škorjanc from Slovenia is the founder of the bitcoin mining market NiceHash (computing rental market), charged with extortion and collusion for remote and bank fraud. These allegations were related to his fraudulent acquisition and sale of data on the Cybercrime Forum and the Black Market Darkode.


Darkode (aka Dark0de) is operated by orkorjanc under the pseudonym of Iserdo. The site was closed in 2015, when more than 70 people were arrested. However, in the past few months, Darkode seems to have been successfully resurrected.

Together with the other three suspects, Škorjanc was charged with attacking bank accounts and credit card information to steal identity. The victim was allegedly defrauded $4.5 million on the Darkode platform between 2008 and 2013.

This is not the first time Škorjanc has been censored. In 2013, he was sentenced to four years and 10 months in prison for creating malware for the "Mariposa" botnet. The "Mariposa" botnet affects more than 1 million computers. The price of this malware ranges from $500 to $2,000.

Škorjanc founded NiceHash with Marko Kobal in 2014. This platform is used to connect users who need to rent and rent computing power to help them cryptocurrency mining.

In December 2017, NiceHash was stolen 4,700 bitcoins, which was worth $64 million. Shortly after the attack, the company's marketing director Andrej P. Škraba said it was "a highly professional and complex social engineering attack."

Also charged with Škorjanc was an American, a Spaniard and another Slovenian. The indictment was announced last Sunday. Law enforcement agencies have issued arrest warrants for Škorjanc and another Slovenian Mentor Leniqi. Both are currently at large.

The establishment of NiceHash in orkorjanc has been a constant suspicion in recent years. Because the platform provides computing lease services, many perpetrators will get a lot of computing power for 51% attacking some PoW currencies with lower market value, which has caused the community to worry about 51% of attacks.

In February of this year, some users found that the platform once held 70% of the calculation power of Dash, and expressed concern. At the time, NiceHash pointed out in the announcement that the power lease can be used to launch 51% of attacks, and can also be used to support a cryptocurrency attack against 51% of attacks:

“NiceHash gives every small-scale and insecure blockchain project a choice, making these blockchains more secure by leasing power. If you think a network has been attacked (although this type of behavior is very complicated, And you need certain skills and resources), then you can solve this type of attack through NiceHash to further ensure network security."

In any case, computing lease is a highly controversial area. At present, only enough computing power can be invested in the corresponding currency to ensure the security of the network.

As of press time, NiceHash did not respond to this.